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A simple, affordable, flexible school information management solution that is used by thousands of educators in Nigeria to ease their school processes, improve transparency, accountability, efficiency, and communication.

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What makes SAFSIMS your No. 1 school solution

SAFSIMS streamlines tedious school
administration, so your work is simple, efficient, and time-saving.

SAFSIMS streamlines tedious school administration, so your work is simple, efficient, and time-saving.

Reduce workload & save time
Educators and teachers use SAFSIMS to efficiently record, manage and analyze all school and student information, reducing time spent on paperwork.
Improve communication across school and with parents
SAFSIMS provides a direct platform for parents to access real-time information, uploaded by the school including the performance of their child and other important messages like fees, school schedule and information.
Access online, conveniently and on any platform
SAFSIMS was developed using cutting edge technology to ensure that educators can access SAFSIMS on any platform with any device and carry out any school management tasks.
Adjust with ease to suit your school’s needs
Select the features on SAFSIMS that meet the needs of your institution and deploy them easily to ensure that you only access the school management tools you need.

SAFSIMS is Built for your
School’s needs

Student Management

  • Store students’ basic information including contact details, parents’ contacts, and billing accounts, and more for easy access at any time.
  • Parents access their child’s profile, view fee information, and monitor performance frequently.

Staff Management

  • Manage staff profile and access basic information, contact details in one place.
  • Document upload pdfs, excel, doc- CV, medical reports.

Fees Management

  • Create class-level invoices and send them to parents
  • Multiple, easy to use fee payment options for parents including, card payments, USSD and banking apps
  • Receive payments and automatically reconcile with ease, track payment history, pending payments, and other insights
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Trusted by over 500
Smart Schools

With the introduction of SAFSMS, we have learned to manage our school with no stress at all. SAFSMS offers solutions for result compilation, inventory management, and parent-school communication, now all we have to do is send the parents SMS notifications and they are aware of their child’s every performance and necessary school news.

Director and Financial Manager, Mr. Victor Ezekiel
Boundary Lines International school

There has been a great improvement. We now have easier access to students' results. You can sit at home and see what the students are doing

Principal, Mr. Mathew Iorgba
Bristol Academy

Now all the teachers have more time to do other things because, with SAFSMS, all they have to do is input individual scores and the system does the grading, average, positioning and the rest

Mr. Amos Oluwatosin, Senior Technical instructor
FGGC Bwari

We need systems like SAFSMS because of the computerization it serves – there is no package like SAFSMS and believe me, we have tried a lot of programs – they have a very strong technical support

Usama Thani, Vice Principal Admin
Nurul Bayan International Academy

We started using SAFSMS because we wanted to eradicate manual processes in our school and so far it’s been good

Mr. Fabiyi Akinyele, ICT Admin
Titsall Global Schools

The Best Schools are managed with SAFSIMS.

Join thousands of Educators who have trusted SAFSIMS to manage their school’s processes for over 10 years.

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